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We offer different language interpretation solutions provided by master conference interpreters to cater for your needs and provide excellent customer service:
Simultaneous Interpretation
Two interpreters take turns every 30 minutes to deliver to the attendees what the speaker is saying in another language and thus facilitate audience understanding and participation.  Simultaneous interpretation happens inside portable or fixed interpreter booths where the translators listen to a speech in one language and convey it, in real time, to the listeners in another language. Should it be necessary to translate from one to several languages, two interpreters per language pair will be located in different booths.  Interpreters will also translate any questions from the audience to the speaker.  Simultaneous interpretation is used for meetings with more than 10 participants, conferences, training courses, seminars, symposiums, presentations, congresses, conventions, fairs, exhibitions, board of directors meetings, etc.
Consecutive Interpretation
The interpreter stands next to the speaker, listens to what is said, and does his/her interpretation during pauses. The interpreter will also interpret any questions addressed to the speaker. This technique is used for short interventions, negotiations, interviews, ceremonies, and press conferences.  No additional equipment is required to perform this type of interpretation.
Conference Call and Video Conference (Remote Interpretation)
If it exceeds two hours it will be covered by two interpreters.  It can be performed with simultaneous or consecutive interpretation.
An interpreter will accompany a visitor in his/her business engagements, moving around the city (or the country) and assisting the client in a spontaneous, flexible, and relaxed way.  Depending on the case and requirements, it can be performed with consecutive interpretation or with simultaneous interpretation using a portable wireless device (bidule).
Interpreting Field Visits
Depending on the duration and nature of the work, this service will be provided by one or two interpreters, in consecutive mode or with the use of portable equipment.  It is widely used for visits to factories or industrial plants, off-site events, visits to communities, guided tours, safety drills, courses with hands-on activities, or any other instances where an interpreter needs to move around with an expert.letrae



Used for large conferences or meetings, simultaneous interpreting requires intense concentration.  Simultaneous interpreters work in teams, taking breaks of about 30 minutes.comillas

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